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Monday, August 25, 2014

Eighth Avenue Street Fair - August 2014

In last days of August many New Yorkers have left the city to squeeze the last bit of traveling summer fun from this season. 
Those who roam Manhattan at this time are for the most part tourists squeezing their last bit of summer fun by visiting New York. 
For some unknown reason the organizers moved the Eighth Avenue Street Fair to an August Sunday when the chances of filling up the street like the past September & October fairs was slim. The street fair merchants were not happy. 

This is what it was looked like for four blocks from 46th looking down to 42nd Street

From 48th street the street fair the crowd thinned out.

And at the start of the street fair at 57th Street there was a lone gyro stand.

In the 50's the attendance was sparse.  

Then there was this odd stall. 
What the heck is "travel jewelry"? Is this what you wear when you take an airplane someplace? 

And of course more food.

Lastly the psychic readers were in attendance. There is the economy psychic and the $5 dollar psychic. I have no idea if one was more accurate than the other. 

All photos © Lionel Martinez